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Texas Lions Foundation

Texas Lions Foundation (TLF) is an organization committed to filling humanitarian needs throughout Texas. As a public, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, its purpose is to promote human welfare by careful application of contributed funds.

TLF concentrates its efforts in two areas: humanitarian services and disaster relief. The Foundation strives to support projects that, while falling into one of these two categories, also have long-term and far reaching effects, and promote the objectives of the Texas Lions Foundation. Overall, the Foundation maintains a strong commitment to helping people achieve their own potential, and to implementing projects that make permanent and positive changes. Projects are favored that provide benefits to as many people as possible.

HUMANITARIAN SERVICES - Humanitarian Service grants can be issued in support of a broad range of projects designed to fill diverse needs. In general, projects designed to create or expand community programs or institutes are preferred.

DISASTER RELIEF - Disaster Relief grants are made in response to natural disasters that cause significant mortality, injury, and property damage and loss. Priority is given to projects aimed at creating or reconstructing public facilities and services.

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