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KidSight - Vision Screening for children

In 2006 the Stephenville Lions Club acquired a PhotoScreener Camera   which is capable of detecting vision problems in young children before they have developed the reading skills to use standard eye charts.

Beginning in the fall of 2006, in conjunction with the Stephenville Independent School District, the Stephenville Lions Club has screened more than 1,000 head start, pre-school and kindergarten children entering the Stephenville school system, and more than 500 children in conjunction with the Lions Clubs and schools in Dublin, Lingleville, Baird, and Clyde, Texas. This was done at no cost to the school system or the children.

If you know of a school, public or private, home school association, a day care center, or any other instituion dealing with young children which would like to take advantage of this completely free service, please email us for more information.

The Stephenville Lions Club also has a companion service which provides free eye exams and glasses to families in financial difficulties.

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