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All Stars League

The All Stars League is a T-Ball league for kids with physical or mental disabilities and is co-sponsored by the Stephenville Lions Club and the Stephenville Optimist Club. Games are held twice a year at Faith Field next to Faith Lutheran Church. We play 6 games in the fall and 6 games in the spring. Kids from 3 years to 22 years old are eligible to play. Each child is partnered up with a volunteer who helps them to bat, run the bases and field the ball.

Each child receives a shirt and hat and simply has a great time playing ball. No score is kept so everyone is a winner. The All Stars league has been a great way for the kids to build self esteem, learn about baseball and get some great exercise while having a blast. After the last game we celebrate with a pizza party and each child receives a trophy and team picture.

For further information and dates of the Fall season, please contact The Stephenville Lions Club.

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